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The purpose and intent of the Pierce County Soccer Club (PCSC) is to promote the advancement of youth soccer in Pierce County, to encourage the development of player skills and abilities, promote programs that teach individual and team skills, and support the development of trained coaches and referees. The goal and value of player participation is to have fun while playing soccer, to develop self-esteem and confidence through skill development while promoting a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship.
In order to promote a high level of community spirit, the PCSC adopts the following Code of Conduct for all players, parents/guardians, and coaches.

PLAYERS: All players participating in PCSC shall...
• Demonstrate good sportsmanship by example and encourage it from fellow players
• Play by the rules of the game.
• View playing soccer as an opportunity to learn and have fun.
• Remain respectful toward other players, coaches, referees and spectators.
• Never argue or complain about referees' calls or decisions.
• Make every effort to attend ALL practices and games and arrive on time.
• Maintain an even temperament and resist retaliation.
• Give 100% effort at practice, and during games.
• Focus on doing their best in school.
• Not partake in illegal drug, alcohol or tobacco use.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: ALL parents shall...
• Encourage good sportsmanship and self-discipline in their children and their teammates through example.
• Make athletic participation for their child and others a positive, fun experience.
• Encourage their child to show good sportsmanship in every game.
• Be respectful toward coaches, referees, your child, other parents and their children.
• Alert coaches of any players’ health conditions.
• Refrain from coaching and refereeing “from the sidelines”.
• Make every effort to drop off and pick up players at designated practice and game times.

COACHES: ALL coaches shall...
• Provide a positive role model for their players and parents
• Maintain the safety and well-being of their players.
• Explain to (and remind) parents what is expected of them and their children.
• Encourage parents to support the team with their presence as much as possible.
• Provide necessary guidance and equipment at games and practices.
• Discipline players in a fair and consistent manner.
• Refrain from making negative comments about other coaches, players, parents and referees.
• Be prepared to deal with injuries in a timely manner by reviewing first aid principles.
• Maintain a consistent practice schedule that is both fun and challenging for the players.

All participants of PCSC shall abide by the Club's Code of Conduct at all times. Inappropriate behavior that is determined to violate this Code of Conduct shall result in disciplinary action by the PCSC Board of Directors, up to and including, without limitation, expulsion from the game/field, and expulsion from the PCSC.

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